Why Travelling with a Baby Hammock is Better than a Cot or Moses Basket

We know how exciting those first trips away with your newborn can be, and whether you are heading off to see relatives, or just getting away from it all on a well-deserved break, making the journey as smooth and easy as possible will be high on your list of priorities...

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We know that it can feel like a mammoth, and somewhat overwhelming task when trying to get everything organised to take your little one away on a trip. What used to be a simple case of packing a bag, throwing everything in the car and hitting the road, now feels more like it has to be a carefully planned military operation!

Not only do you have to ensure you have everything that you and your baby will need for the trip, but also have to handle the, often awkward, logistics of getting everything packed away in your car.

Particularly if you are heading away overnight or for longer, another concern you may have it how this will affect your child’s sleeping routine. Keeping your newborn in a comfortable, secure environment they they are used to is important. It will help them to feel safe and therefore sleep easier when you are away from home.

Taking your baby's cot every time you go away on your trip is hugely impractical. Even the simplest of cots require some assembly, and the heavy material makes it difficult to move them easily from place to place. Without taking them apart they won’t fit in your car, and so for practical reasons travelling with your babies cot is almost impossible.

Moses baskets are usually made from inflexible material which also makes them difficult when trying to fit them into an already packed car!

Amby Baby Hammocks, however, are quite the opposite. The hammock itself is soft and lightweight so easily rolled up and put away, and the frame for the Amby Baby Hammock is disassembled in a few short steps.

Why the Amby Baby Hammock is the perfect travelling sleep solution for your baby

The Amby Baby Hammock comes with a slim carry bag so it can be easily packed away and put in the boot of your car - without taking up much precious space! When put away in the bag the hammock weighs around 9kgs so it is easily carried, meaning even if you are taking public transport you can take your hammock with you!

You can set the baby hammock up in any room, and due to its easily transportable nature it can be moved from room to room too which means your baby can sleep in a familiar environment wherever you are!

Having a sleeping environment your child is used to is so important and means that you won’t be breaking their sleep schedule and feeling as though you have to start at square one when you return from your trip.

You baby will feel safe and secure in their hammock wherever you are, so they can drift off into a settled and lasting sleep, and you can enjoy some well-deserved rest too!

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