5 of the Most Common Sleeping Problems for Newborn Babies

We’ve found some of the most typical reasons why babies struggle to sleep at night and how the Amby Baby Hammock can help...

most common sleeping problems for newborn babies

Often they find themselves frustrated and exhausted trying to function on very little sleep - and it can be easy to overlook the problems which may be the root cause of your child’s sleepless nights.

Security and comfort

Babies won’t sleep if they feel anxious or frightened. In order to help them drift off you need to create a secure, comforting environment that they feel calm and protected in.

For newborn babies, the security and comfort they felt when in the womb is what they crave - the Amby Baby Hammock mimics the shape of the womb, and the soft rocking motion that moves as they do is similar to the womb environment and will gently rock your baby back to sleep if they do wake in the night.

Separation and anxiety

Babies are used to spending all their time with their mum, so being left alone, or waking up in a room without her can feel very scary. The Amby Baby Hammock is lightweight and easily transported from room to room so your child can sleep while you get on with your day.

Changes to the baby's sleeping environment

If a child is used to a bedtime routine that works for them and suddenly that changes - perhaps you are staying overnight elsewhere - the different environment can make it hard for them to feel secure and safe, and, therefore, unable to get to sleep.

The Amby Baby Hammock can be easily dismantled and packs away in its bag so can be taken on any journey with you which means your child can sleep in that same, natural, comfortable, familiar environment that they are used to.


Many young babies suffer from colic, and the discomfort it causes makes it difficult for them to get to sleep. The swaying motion of the Amby Baby Hammock can help relieve pressure and discomfort.

Infant Reflux

Infant Reflux is another common sleeping problem in babies. However, because the Amby Baby hammock allows for your baby to sleep at a slight upright angle, this can help keep stomach acid where it belongs - thus relieving the symptoms.

Restless Sleepers

Many parents find that their babies can drift off to sleep, but only for very short periods - then wake up continuously throughout the night needing attention. The comforting womb-like environment of the Amby Baby hammock is very soothing for restless sleepers as they can gently rock themselves back to sleep upon awakening, which means more undisturbed sleep time for you!

Understanding why your baby has difficulty sleeping is half the battle, and looking out for signs of these common causes will help you get to the root cause of your baby's sleeping problems. Once you understand the reasons you can then tackle these, and hopefully see your child getting to sleep more easily and sleeping for longer too!

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