Why most babies around the world sleep in hammock

5 reasons why your baby could benefit from sleeping in a baby hammock

Did you know that a baby hammock offers the most natural sleeping environment for a new born baby? For 26 years, the Amby Air Baby Hammock has been chosen by many parents looking to give their new born babies the best and most comfortable sleep possible.

  • Longer sleep duration
  • High Quality Material
  • Safe - SIDS prevention measures
  • Great Air Ventilation
  • Adjustable
  • Provides a warm swaddled environment
  • Portable


  • 0m+


  • Up to 12kg Single Spring
  • Up to 24kg Double Spring
  • Give your baby the most natural sleeping environment. The natural sleeping position of a baby sleeping in a hammock cocoons and mimics the comfort of the womb, which provides a sense of security for your new born baby.
  • No more sleepless nights. Hammocks provide a gentle, natural swaying motion when your baby moves, helping rock your baby back to sleep during the middle of the night.
  • No need to travel with a heavy, unfamiliar cot. Travelling with a baby hammock is a breeze. They are easy to assemble and re-assemble. Sleeping in an unfamiliar travel cot can often disturb a baby’s sleep, where a hammock allows your baby to sleep in the same environment wherever they are.
  • Comforts babies with Colic and Infant Reflux. The Amby Baby Hammock can be adjusted to provide a gradual incline to reduce the impact of colic and acid reflux.
  • Preferred by parents, for centuries. Amazingly, in an historical context, cots are relatively new, whereas hammocks have been the preferred baby bed of choice for parents for centuries.

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