Healthy sleeping habits of happy babies

Getting your baby into healthy sleeping habits as early as possible is a great idea, and can mean your child sleeps more easily and wakes less during the night.

how to get your baby to sleep through the night

1. Make sleep your priority

The importance of sleep for both you and your child cannot be underestimated. Sleeping is your child’s recovery time, and when they rest their body has time to repair and grow. Developing good sleeping habits has been linked to a number of health benefits and can affect anything from attention span to weight control.

For parent’s mood, concentration and relationships are just some of the things that can be affected by not getting enough sleep. Therefore, make sure you consider sleep a priority from the moment you bring your newborn home.

2. Start and keep a sleeping diary

Logging what times of day your baby sleeps, how long for, and any methods you use to help get your baby to sleep can be extremely useful.

Tired new parents may have trouble remembering patterns so writing them down will help you to clearly see when your child sleeps and what makes it easiest for them. It will also show how quickly you get them to settle - this is particularly useful as when you are tired it can often seem longer than you think!

3. Establish a firm sleep routine and stick to it

A good sleep routine is essential for any child and should be followed each and every time you put your child to sleep. A good bedtime routine will not only soothe and relax your baby but also signal to them that it is time to prepare themselves for sleep. Repeating the same gentle, calm, quiet activities each evening will work well, avoid anything that overstimulates such as loud or active gameplay.

4. Create the perfect sleeping environment

Healthy sleeping habits will only work in a healthy sleeping environment. Babies rooms should be cool, calm and without too many distractions.

The Amby Baby Hammock is perfect for providing a safe, womb-like space where your baby will feel calm and secure.

Make sure you can keep the room dark for as long as you need - if the sun streams through the windows at 5am every morning it may be a good idea to invest in darkening shades. Set up a quiet place for you to sit in the room with a nightlight so if you need to soothe your baby back to sleep you don’t have to leave the room or the calm environment you have created in there.

5. Make sure you put baby your down when they're awake

Help your baby learn to fall asleep on their own by putting your baby down to sleep when they are drowsy but not yet fully asleep.

A sleeping environment such as the Amby Baby Hammock will start to sway gently with your child’s movement and lull them gently and easily into a deep and restful sleep.

Sleeping independently is a great habit to get into and means parents no longer have to try and soothe a child to sleep in their arms.

6. Be consistent with your sleeping routine

Whatever you do, once you have established your healthy sleeping habits and a great bedtime routine, make sure that you stick to them. Becoming inconsistent with children leads to disruptive sleep patterns and can be hard to remedy.

Even though it may seem like you are repeating the same actions forever, consistency will help a baby understand how and when to fall asleep, so stick at them and you’ll get there!

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