Hammock Assembly & Care

Assembly Video Instructions


Frame Material

Steel tubes, white powder coated

Child Weight Limit

Suitable to use from from newborn to toddler. Single spring weight limit = 12kg. Double spring weight limit = 24kg. own small movements, instead of the abrupt arousal often experienced in a cot.

The frame is very easily assembled. Just follow the Assembly Instructions that comes with every hammock unit


Total wt: 8 kg (17 lbs approx)
Height: 152c m (5 ft)
Width: 71cm (2 ft 4 inches)
Depth: 94 cm (3 ft 1 inch)
Max load wt: 45 kg (99 lbs approx)

Bolt & Lock Nut Assembly Instructions


The hammock is connected to the frame by a bolt and lock nut.

To safely secure the bolt to the frame, the lock nut should be tightened with a wrench or spanner until the threaded part of the bolt shows through about 10 mm (1/2 inch).

Once in place, the lock nut should never be removed. If removed, the lock nut should be replaced with a brand new one.

Spring, Safety Strap & Cover Instructions

The hammock is connected to the frame by a spring and safety strap.  One end of both the spring and the safety strap should be attached to the bolt at the top of the frame

The other end of both the spring and safety strap should be attached through the top of the cross bar

The spring and the safety strap should hang side by side to each other

The hammock hangs on the cross bar

All units include a spring cover as standard

Max load weight with standard spring (provided) - 12 kg. A second spring can be purchased and used alongside the existing spring to hold up to 24kg.

Sling (Nest) Instructions

The hammock (approximately 100 cm long), hangs on the cross bar. The cross bar serves to 'open' the hammock up

The sides of the hammock should be gathered in and pushed into the two little 'horns' at both ends of the cross bar and tied up into a bow (see No 6 in Assembly Instructions)

Hammock, sheets and mattress cover should be hand washed in mild detergent and drip dried.

They can be machine washed, but hand washing will make them last longer

Mattress dimensions - length 98 cm; width 30 cm; thickness 4cm

There should be no need to use anything else in the hammock with your baby apart from a light blanket for warmth in cold weather

It's best not to 'over heat' your baby

The rug should wrap the baby around from under the arms leaving the arms free

For very small babies, you can use the Amby Wedge (Snuggler) to'centre'your baby in the hammock

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