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Over the years we get asked many different questions and here we provide answers to those that are most common. If you have any questions unanswered here, do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)7484 644 330 or

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The Amby Air Baby Hammock

Can I still use my old hammock for my second baby?

Many parents use cots or hammocks more than once and many are ‘loaned’ to friends or family.  This is perfectly natural and is a good use of resources.  However, there are some concerns, which have been identified through extensive research, about re-using the same mattress for different babies.  Allergens and bacteria can build up in old mattresses for obvious reasons and these can be dangerous to some babies some of the time. For this reason, we follow the advice of professionals in recommending that if you are using the hammock for a second time – especially if it has been used by another family first – you should purchase a new mattress and protector.  We don’t want anyone to spend money unnecessarily and re-using the hammock fits very comfortably with our support for sustainability. Buying a new mattress and protector reduces the risks of infection or illness in a new baby.

But also, if you are using a cot or hammock for the second time, do check that all the necessary parts are present; if it’s a cot, make sure there are no splinters or no damage to the frame; with a hammock, make sure you follow the instructions carefully.  These should be with the hammock but can also be found on-line at this link:

Do I have to buy a frame with the hammock or can I just by the sling and hang it anywhere?

Our 'Value Pack' comes with the frame and the sling and everything you need for the hammock.  You should only purchase the sling on its own if you already own the frame.  We cannot emphasis this more strongly: never hang the sling on anything other than the frame with which it comes.  There are too many dangers associated with hanging the hammock from anything else – whether it be a tree or your door frames. The risks associated with doing this are just far too great and we strongly advocate that you are super-cautious with all you do to support your new born child in his/her early months.  Our hammock only meets international safety standards when it is hung from the Amby Frame.  If you do not have an Amby frame you should consider purchasing the 'Value Pack' which has everything you will need (

How can you profess to be ‘environmentally friendly’ and yet have the hammocks manufactured in and transported from China?

It is a challenge!  All our hammocks are made in Shanghai in a factory that complies with international standards on pay and working conditions and you can see a video of our factory at here. Manufacturing abroad does add to our carbon footprint and we recognise this.  The problem is that manufacturing in the UK, Europe or Australia would more than double the cost of the hammock.  Like many companies, we get good value for money by manufacturing in China but we also ensure none of the people working on our products are exploited or treated unfairly and we source as many materials from sustainable sources.

We do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and we are continually looking at ways to improve this.  It is impossible to hermetically seal our business from the real world but we are trying our best to minimise our negative environmental impact upon it - like, for example, we are currently testing the use of bamboo for our mattresses - a plant that is in abundance in China.

I have heard hammocks are dangerous. Is this true?

Well, this certainly isn’t true and specialist baby hammocks that are safety tested are no more dangerous than a cot or a bassinet that has been safety tested.  At Amby, we have been making hammocks for over 25 years and we continue to invest in research and development where safety improvements are our number one priority.  Go to our Safety page to find out much more detail about the safety of the Amby Air Baby Hammock and to find out about safe sleeping for your baby.

In the 25 years we have not had a single complaint or accident recorded where an Amby hammock has been seen to have caused a problem.  As you might have read elsewhere, two of our hammocks were implicated in a recall in the United States but on both occasions the problem was how the users of the hammocks assembled and used them.  Both were sold over the internet second hand and, in both cases the instructions were not provided to the new owners.  We compare it to a car.  Most cars are not intrinsically dangerous, but if you drive them dangerously or without due regard to safety or without reading the instructions, then they can be very dangerous indeed. 

Furthermore, in all the recorded cases of sudden and unexplained baby deaths (Cot Deaths or SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in the UK, US, Australia and new Zealand over the past 10 years, from the evidence available, there has not been one occasion when a hammock was being used – most occurred with babies in a cot or when they were sleeping with parents.  This does not make a cot dangerous the same way as no-one can say with 100% certainty, that a hammock will always be safe for your baby.  But a hammock is certainly a very, very safe bed for a baby – and all the evidence supports this.

If my baby rolls over in the hammock, will she/he be safe?

Babies move all the time and some babies move more than others.  There is nothing wrong with this and it is part of their own development and, with a hammock, this ‘movement’ enables a baby to discover that he/she can gently rock the hammock with these movements and send themselves back to sleep.  This is certainly one of the many benefits a hammock brings.

All professionals – supported by research – will advise you put the baby to sleep on his/her back.  There are some exceptions, but these would only occur on the advice of a medical practitioner.  But many babies go through periods when they move onto their side and sleep very well and very safely – in fact, the Amby Air Baby Hammock has recently been re-designed to bring the meshed netting lower down and closer to the mattress to enable babies to breathe more easily if they roll over and find themselves close to the side of the sling.

But parents shouldn’t worry if their baby rolls over although we, like many other manufactures, sell a snuggler that stops too much movement.  This is purchased by many of our customers who are having their first baby.  Most, but not all professionals, recommend the use of a snuggler to prevent babies - especially new borns – from rolling onto their front into the 'prone' position as the snuggler keeps them on their back.

But a hammock – just as a cot – is perfectly safe for your baby whether she/he rolls over or moves around or simply stays still.

To what age can a baby remain in the hammock?

We recommend use of the hammock for babies up to one year and, from many years’ experience, most parents, it would seem, move their babies at about 10 to 11 months but we have had some whose children remain a lot longer and the eldest we have come across was 16 months old before his parents moved him!!

But age is not the true determinant because weight and height are far more important .  With one spring, the hammock can take babies up to 12kgs in weight but many parents add a second spring such that the maximum weight can go up to 24 kgs (even though each spring, itself, is stressed tested to 24 kgs.).  With respect to height, the hammock mattress and sling is just over 1 metre long and babies approaching 1 metre should really be moved out of the hammock and into a bed or a cot.  But, in practice, most parents will recognise when the time is right to move their baby from the hammock and the only certainty is that this will be different for every child - each of whom will have very different needs.

What should my baby wear when sleeping in a hammock?

Sleeping in a baby hammock is no different than if your baby was in a cot. You should ensure the room temperature is between 16 and 18 degrees centigrade and your baby should have light bedding or a lightweight, Firmly tucked in sheets and blankets (not above shoulder height)well-fitted baby sleep bag. Do not cover your baby’s face or head while he/she is sleeping and don't use loose bedding - and if you are using sheets and blankets make sure they are firmly, tucked-in and are not above your baby's shoulders.

Don’t let your baby get too hot and you can gauge the temperature by feeling your baby's tummy or the back of his/her neck and if his or her skin is hot or sweaty, remove one or more layers of bedclothes. Babies do not need to wear hats indoors, nor sleep under a duvet or quilt and when they are unwell they need to have less bedding than more.


Can I just order the Amby Baby Sling?

Yes you can purchase the Amby Baby Sling without the frame.  The sling or ‘nest’ is available in white or raw cotton and comes with a quilted mattress (with 100% cotton cover).  Please note the spring and crossbar are not included, but can be purchased separately.  And we also recommend a waterproof mattress cover to protect your mattress; prevent the collection of allergens and bacteria to enable it to last longer in a pristine condition.

But, we advise all our customers, do not hang the sling from anywhere other than the Amby Hammock frame.  This is the only way we can guarantee your baby's safety and it is only by hanging from the Amby frame that it complies with UK and European safety standards.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes we do and all orders to most European countries can be made on-line.  Please call us (0044 7484 644 330) with any questions or to receive a quote about delivery if you are outside Europe or if the delivery price is not quoted. 

How do I order an Amby baby hammock?

Select the hammock and other items of your choice from our range, add it to your shopping cart and follow the simple to follow directions.  If ordering online does not suit you, call us on 07484 644 330 (0044 7484 644 330 for international callers) or email: and, if you leave us your number, we can call you back if it is easier.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Your order will be despatched within 1 business day and, if in the UK, you can expect delivery the following day.  International deliveries will take longer depending on where you are but rarely has this been beyond 5 working days.

Is ordering on-line safe?

All transactions at Amby Baby Hammocks are protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and Secure Data Encryption to ensure the highest level of protection. Any information that you send to us is encoded with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. You can tell your browser is in secure mode in the checkout by looking for the padlock icon in the bottom corner or at the end of the address bar of your browser window.  All credit card payments are processed in real-time for your security and immediate peace of mind and we have never had any problems in all the time we have been operating.  We also opt not to have access to your credit card details such that once you have processed payment for an order these details are never accessible by us. And if there was a problem (and we have had none at all to date), our address is easy for everyone to see!  For payment options we accept all Credit and Debit Cards - but not an Amex card.

We have also meet the new security standard for businesses that transact using credit and debit cards that ccame into force on 1 July 2014.  In the jargon, we are “PCI DSS Compliant”.

What do I get when I purchase the Amby Baby Hammock Value Pack?

Our Value Pack includes all you need for the baby hammock.  In the pack is the following:

  • The new Amby Air hammock sling (in raw or white cotton)
  • Mattress with 100% quilted cotton cover
  • Amby frame
  • Amby spring (rated to 12kg)
  • Spring cover
  • The newly designed Amby travel bag
  • Set of two fitted sheets
  • Safety strap

Most of our customers also purchase a snuggler and a waterproof mattress (that protects the mattress from allergens and bacteria that can build up if unprotected and is strongly recommended by the Lullaby Trust - the lead organisation in the UK for giving advice to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - cot deaths.   Remember that the Amby Baby Hammock only complies with UK and European safety standards when it is hanging from the Amby frame.


What is your returns policy?

The Amby Baby Hammock is unconditionally guaranteed against faulty workmanship or materials for a period of 12 months, provided the unit is assembled as per instructions and the washing instructions are followed.  Should a product be faulty, we shall gladly give a refund or exchange. We stand by the quality of our Amby range of products.

If, on receipt of the hammock, you realise you have made a mistake and either don’t like what you see, are too worried about using a hammock or if you are just not happy, you have the right to return any items purchased from Amby Europe Limited within 14 calendar days - but this will be at your cost for the return postage incurred.  Please make contact to inform us that you are returning the product and please note all goods must be returned in their original packaging, unused and undamaged.  If goods are sent back in any other condition we reserve the right to refuse your refund.  Every attempt will be made to pay refunds (excluding postage) immediately after we have received the goods, but within 10 working days other than in exceptional circumstances (e.g. over Christmas.)  We will refund the postage back to you if we have made a mistake, e.g. sent out the incorrect item or it is damaged on arrival.

Please send all returns to:

Amby Europe Limited


Farm Lane


KT21 1LJ


Product colours

We currently only sell white and raw cotton hammocks.  We have made every effort to accurately display the colour of our products on this website. The colours you see will also depend on your monitor settings. We cannot guarantee that your monitor will display the exact colour values. If you have any queries, please contact us and please note that raw cotton materials are NOT white but have a fawn tinge which is the sign of the natural cotton without any bleaching.  Whilst we recognise the aesthetic impact of ‘white’, the raw cotton is our favourite as it reduces our – and your – carbon footprint thus making a small contribution to the future of our planet that we will be handing over to our children.

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