What are the benefits of reading aloud to children?

National story week is upon us! (30th January - 6th February) So we thought we would share the benefits of reading aloud to young children.

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Reading aloud to children from a young age is a without doubt an essential part of their childhood as not only does it help develop their; character, literacy skills, vocabulary, it is also an enjoyable experience. Reading aloud to children and babies can also help you parents as it acts as a ‘pause’ button on adult life by submerging you into the fictional bliss of a great story.

6 Benefits of Reading to Children:

1.    Bonding Process

Reading aloud to your child is without doubt an enjoyable experience for both parties. As a parent not only are you able to physically see your child’s appreciation for a good story but are able to gain insight into the way your child thinks with the questions they undoubtedly will come up with.

2.    Expanding Vocabulary from a Young Age

Aside from the obvious bonding experience reading aloud to a child helps develop an extensive and articulate vocabulary from a young age.

Reading has been also said to improve a child’s overall academic brain as it allows them to understand and absorb new information and concepts quicker.

3.    Develop Communication Skills

If you have ever finished reading a book and not questioned at least one aspect of the storyline, then you almost certainty did not read a good book. Reading books not only encourages children to independently think about and question aspects of the story enables them to vocally communicate their query or point.

4.    Encourage Logical Thinking

Books in their own right are very logical, they always have a beginning, a middle and an end. Reading aloud to children and talking about the book helps children logically work out what is happening and predicting what the outcome could be.

Encouraging your child to talk about the plot and guessing what they think might happen is a great way to promote logical thinking form a young age.  

5.    Concentration

It’s no myth that young children often struggle concentrating. However, a compelling story can help anyone ‘escape from the world’ as it were and into the fictional bliss of a good book. Reading aloud to your child can be an essential key contributing factor into developing a good concentration level that will be practiced throughout their life.

6.    Inspires Creativity

A recent study by The New York Times found when children are read aloud to, it stimulates a section in their brain that is responsible for processing images. When reading allowed to your child, they are constantly imagining and drawing mental pictures of what the scenes and characters look like.

As children are read more books with different plots and characters it allows them to be more abstract with their imaginations and directly help develop their creativity.

Reading aloud to your children couldn’t be easier and should be enjoyed by all, simply buy a book and great reading, when better to start then…National Story Telling Week!

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