Is Your Baby Not Sleeping Well? Here are 5 Ways the Amby Baby Hammock can Help!

Unless you are extremely lucky, there will be a point during those first few months that your newborn baby has trouble sleeping...

baby not sleeping well

Lack of sleep is, in fact, the most common problem that new mums and dads have to face. While sleepless nights are, in some part, an inevitable part of parenthood, there are plenty of things that you can do to try and give your newborn baby the best possible chance of drifting off and sleeping for longer periods of time.

Babies have trouble sleeping for a huge number of different reasons. Trying to establish why your child won’t settle is the first step, particularly if they have gone from sleeping well to not sleeping at all.

Common reasons include your child being hungry, over tired, uncomfortable or anxious in their sleeping environment. They also may have infant reflux or colic which can cause babies significant pain and discomfort meaning they can have great difficulty sleeping.

One of the most effective things you can do for your child is to ensure that you have provided the very best possible sleeping environment for them.

Babies need to feel calm, safe and secure when you put them down. Remember, everything is new to them and so falling asleep and waking up somewhere strange can feel very unsettling.

if your child isn’t sleeping well, you may wish to consider rearranging your baby's sleeping environment to see if that helps. The Amby Baby Hammock can help restless sleepers not only drift off quicker, but fall into a deep and sound sleep for longer too.

Here are 5 ways why the Amby Baby Hammock can help your baby get a better night's sleep:

The materials

The Amby Baby Hammock is made from high quality materials providing a soft and comfortable bed for your child. There are no hard edges or angles on the Hammock which means it offers your child a soft, comfortable and relaxing space to fall asleep in.

The shape

The shape of the Amby Baby Hammock mimics that of the womb. The cocoon-like shape gently supports your child and provides them with a similar environment to when they were in the womb. This familiar space is a place that they recognise and feel safe in, therefore alleviating any anxiety and helping them to nod off.

The angle

The angle of the Amby Baby Hammock can be adjusted to help alleviate common conditions such as colic and infant reflux. By allowing your baby to sleep in a slightly upright position you prevent stomach acid from rising therefore reducing infant reflux and colic and allowing for a better night’s sleep.

The motion

The gentle swaying motion of the Amby Baby Hammock soothes and comforts them, helping them to rock gently to sleep. The swaying motion can also help babies who wake frequently during the night as they can simply rock and soothe themselves back to sleep, which means less trips out of bed for you.

The flexibility

The Amby Baby Hammock is easily transported from room to room which means you can settle your child wherever you are. If you are going away for the night or a weekend the hammock can be quickly dismantled and packed in the handy Amby Carry Bag. The Hammock then fits easily into the boot of your car so you can ensure you child sleeps in the same calm and pleasant environment that they are used to at home.

Why choose the Amby Baby Hammock?

Choosing an Amby Baby Hammock for your child can really see a positive improvement when it comes to the quality and duration of your newborn's sleep. So if your child has trouble sleeping consider an Amby Baby Hammock to help both you and your child enjoy longer, more peaceful night's sleep.

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