The Amby Hammock is good for your baby, and for your Mental Health!

As a new parent, do you know how important sleep is for your mental wellbeing?

We have all, at one time or another, experienced the adverse effects of lack of sleep. Even having one bad night’s sleep can make you feel irritable and anxious the next day. You can also find you have difficulty concentrating or making decisions.

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tiredness new mums affecting mental wellbeing

Of course during the first few months where your baby needs feeding throughout the night, sleepless nights are hard to avoid. However, getting your little one to settle down and to sleep deeply and calmly for longer through the night, and getting into a fantastic sleep routine as quickly as possible is so important both for your baby’s health and wellbeing and for yours.

Not only can lack of sleep have an effect on your general wellbeing, but recent research in Australia has also actually shown that about 50% of cases of post-natal depression is resolvable by almost 'training' your baby to sleep.

Even the slightest lack of sleep can make for an unhappy family – especially when there is no immediate end in sight. Often new parents who suffer from a lack of sleep can feel frustrated and overwhelmed - and it can be a vicious cycle with the more you worry and stress about your lack of sleep, the less likely you are to achieve it.

Postnatal depression affects women in different ways but can make you feel depressed and a little weepy, like you are a failure and unable to cope, and be overwhelmed with a feeling of pointlessness and lack of hope for the future. It can also see you lose interest in activities you would normally enjoy, have a reduced appetite, a lack of enthusiasm for your sex life, and even have thoughts about death.

Getting a good night’s sleep can go a long way in helping to resolve these symptoms and helping new mums recover from postnatal depression and enjoy their precious time with their newborn.

Thoroughly tested to international standards of safety by one of the world’s leading testing agencies, the Amby Air Baby Hammock simulates the maternal womb, providing a comforting and familiar environment to help your baby relax and feel safe. This means not only will your child go to sleep quickly, but they will also easily drop back off to sleep if they wake up during the night.

The gentle movement of the hammock and the ‘snugness’ of the sling enables a baby to experience the same spatial restriction and sensory simulation they did while in the womb and provides a gradual introduction to the world!

The Amby Air Baby Hammock is adjustable so you can gently tilt the position of the sling to reduce acid reflux your baby may experience. Because the hammock hangs from a spring, it gently rocks your baby, moving up and down and from side to side, both comforting them and easing the painful symptoms of stomach cramps and trapped gas.

Widely used in hospitals, childcare centres and homes in Australia for over 26 years, the Amby Air Baby Hammock has been the best kept sleeping secret for years that’s good for your baby but also good for your sleep and, as a result, your mental health!

In Australia, about 35,000 babies suffer from reflux and/or colic so badly that it significantly interrupts their sleep and that of their parents. For too many parents, what is supposed to be a ‘magical time’ in their lives turns out to be a sleepless nightmare!

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