Amby Style

At only 12kg, the Amby Baby Air Hammock is the perfect addition to any room.


Mobility – light and easy to move around

The Amby Air Baby Hammock is fully portable and designed to be easily moved from room to room so that your baby can be with you wherever you may be.  Weighing about 12 kgs, the hammock and its frame are light and portable enough to pack away into the Amby Carry Bag and then into the boot of your car for nights or weekends away.


Engineered for Comfort and Safety

There are NO hard surfaces, NO restraining devices, NO electronic parts around your baby - just the natural perfect balance of extraordinary comfort and sensory stimulation. The Amby Air Baby Hammock allows the free flow of air making it light and airy and fully breathable! (Cool in summer, Snug in winter.) And at about 20 cm's from the floor while your baby soundly sleeps, you will be free from the nagging worry of your baby falling. Your baby's weight will be distributed evenly with NO pressure points to worry him or her.

The unit comes with a fully quilted mattress and machine washable bed. The tough metal frame is scratch resistant and can be assembled in minutes. The Amby Air Baby Hammock meets all available safety standards and has been fully tested by independent safety laboratories, hospital trials and the thousands of happy parents who have used them for their babies

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