The Amby Baby Hammock is specially designed to promote a longer and a more restful sleep for your baby.


Parents often find that their baby is restless and cries during the night but the design of the Amby Air Baby Hammock enables all babies (and their parents!) to get a good night's sleep.

Babies love to be swaddled - it gives them a feeling of security. The hammock provides the natural elements your baby experienced in the womb during pregnancy. Babies are born into a world that is unlike anything they have experienced inside the womb. They crave closeness and they crave motion.

Conventional cribs and cots can provide little sense of security for many babies. The Amby Air Baby Hammock gives your baby a soft and contoured surface that will give your baby the same snuggled feeling as if in your loving arms.

A baby will usually awaken slowly and peacefully in the Amby, soothed by the gentle motion of the hammock initiated by your baby's own small movements, instead of the abrupt arousal often experienced in a cot.


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