The Amby Baby Hammock is specially designed to promote longer and a more restful sleep for your baby. Parents often find that their baby is restless and cries during the night. The Amby's design addresses many of the reasons why your baby doesn't get a good night's sleep.

Quick health benefits of the Amby baby hammock:


Amby's womb-like design and natural motion is comforting to babies with colic symptoms who have trouble sleeping. The hammock's ability to bounce also eases any stomach cramping or gas pains your baby might be experiencing and it can be adjusted to provide a slight incline.

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Infant reflux

Amby Air Baby Hammocks can be adjusted to the incline the baby sleeps at best - which is crucial for babies suffering with acid reflux. In addition, the hammock's rocking motion soothes indigestion and lulls the baby to sleep.

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Restless Sleepers

Babies who tend to thrash or have trouble getting to sleep respond well to the Amby's natural motion. Many babies learn quickly how to create motion by moving their arms or legs, which soothes them and rocks them back to sleep.

Short Nappers

While babies may stir during their daytime naps, the Amby responds to those movements and keeps your baby sleeping soundly for longer periods of time. The Amby's portability also allows you to keep the sleeping baby nearby.

Special needs babies

The Amby Air Baby Hammock also provides support for epileptic whereby the natural swaddling of the sling hammock gives the baby a comfortable and secure feeling by keeping the baby enclosed and snug.

Flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly)

Because the Amby Air Baby Hammock can allow your baby to sleep in a slightly upright position, much of the baby's head weight is more evenly distributed relative to the rest of their body.

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