Comfort & Ease of Use

The womb-like nature of the Amby Air Baby Hammock makes it an ideal bed for premature babies


Here your baby can still enjoy what nature provided - the gentle vertical motion (that occurs when pregnant mothers move and walk) and the tactile security of the womb wall.

Best of all, your baby will lie naturally in the supine position (on their back) which is supported by all international research and promoted through SIDS health campaigns. You can easily generate a slightly elevated head position providing the Amby Air Baby Hammock with an essential feature for babies with chronic reflux problems.

Why vertical motion rather than side to side?


The vertical motion replicates the movement of the womb experienced when a pregnant mother walks, producing feelings of suspension and flotation which greatly pacifies the most uncomfortable, distressed and aggravated infant. As your baby moves and plays in the baby hammock, she creates her own gentle stimulus of motion. As she grows, the more this becomes a fascination for her! The Amby hammock stimulates movement, an integral part of toning up your baby's muscles that also increases the neurological muscular coordination.

Babies who feel safe cry less


Other than the very basic needs not being met, such as hunger or discomfort (wet nappies, too hot or too cold) babies cry for more complex and sensitive reasons. Reasons that until recently have not been recognised as being directly related to their distress. These days, the idea of 'letting him cry it out' might not seem so appropriate (eg. controlled crying). The quickest way to produce disturbed, interrupted sleep is to isolate your baby in an empty room in the unfamiliar territory of an open, still and flat surfaced bed.

Babies need to be assured that you are close at hand. They cry less when they feel safe and secure.  So, the Amby Air Baby Hammock in the room where you sleep is the best solution and this is the recommendation of all health professionals for the first 4-6 months..

A wonderful place to be

We believe the rapid adjustment to hard flat open surfaces - such as in a standard cot - is too much to ask of a newborn! Searching for their 'lost' environment, they strive to regain the comfort and support they recently left. In the Amby Air Baby Hammock, you'll find your baby will soon discover the world to be the wonderful place she or he so eagerly needs it to be.

Sleep patterns can be quickly transformed from erratic, short and disturbed spells, to deep peaceful nights and contented days. Waking up will be a slow and pleasurable thing as when your baby stirs, the spring will be activated into motion, often lulling your baby back to sleep. That's the power of the Amby hammock.

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