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As a family run company our values are about making sure our parental customers and our REAL customers - your babies - get the best possible service at the best possible price.

We aim to manufacture all our products to minimise their environmental impact and to use natural materials wherever possible. Our babies are our future and we want to protect that future, as far as we can, to enable them to thrive.

Designing hammocks since 1989


The Amby Baby Hammock was an invention of necessity. It was created by Ambrose Hooi in Australia in the late eighties as a measure to help his daughter who had become an unsettled, restless and colicky baby at 4 weeks of age. This led Ambrose to design a rudimentary hammock that immediately helped Ying-Li to sleep and better deal with her colic. This has subsequently been the experience of thousands of parents and babies who have moved across to using a hammock rather than a traditional cot.

Since then, many improvements have been made leading to the launch of the Amby Air Baby Hammock in 2013 that is made of high quality materials; has a contemporary design and meets the highest safety standards.

At Amby Europe we also work hard to maintain our customers' loyalty and the unrivalled reputation of our products. We welcome customer feedback and are always open to exploring new ways in which we can help parents and babies. (Please send comments to support@amby.co.uk.)

Our warehouse is in Milton Keynes and our main office is in Surrey although we also have a presence in the East Midlands. (See our contact page for addresses and the best way to communicate with us.)

Awards, Tests & Standards

Amby Baby Hammocks was the original hammock on the market and the most stringently tested since it was first designed in 1989.

The brand new design - the Amby Air - has been certified by a leading global laboratory to all applicable sections of the latest European and British Standard BS EN1130. (Safety Test Number SSHG1304012503IP, 13 May 2013.)

Amby, as the market leader in baby hammocks, has also been working closely with Standards Australia since 2012 to achieve a world class baby hammock - the Amby Air - that was launched in 2013.

Reassuringly, Amby's high quality mattress passes the proposed Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand tests which assesses the firmness of baby bed mattresses.


BSI Standards Australia Standards New Zealand

View the Amby Air Baby Hammock Safety Certificate


The Baby Products Association (BPA) was established in 1945. It was set up with the objective of promoting a safe baby and nursery products sector in both the UK and Europe. Today the BPA play an active role in the development of product standards and provide an umbrella of support and specialist services to their members.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to ensure that we continue to develop products that minimise carbon usage and have no harmful toxins and thus not only protect your baby today but will, hopefully be our contribution to protecting the planet as your baby grows up.

We recognise that we still have a long way to go but we are committed to this journey and we will to do all we can in all our processes – and those of our suppliers - to conserve our planet’s limited resources.

We will, wherever possible, make our products with ‘greener’ materials by utilising natural and organic products with the minimum of chemical and artificial additives.  We already advocate the use of our ‘raw cotton’ hammock that is free of bleach and other chemicals - which is why it is off-white in colour.  We are researching the possible use of bamboo in our mattresses – a product that is in plentiful supply and can be harvested without a major impact upon the planet.

We would like to think we can leave the world a better place despite using the resources we require to make the Amby Hammocks and its accessories.  We are leaving this world for our children and we hope that our customers could also adopt a similar commitment to protect our environment – not just for your own baby but for their children and their grandchildren who will follow.


The Baby Hammock and its individual constituent parts are the subject of a number of patents and design registrations in many countries throughout the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, most of Asia including China and Japan, UK and the EU.

The term "Baby Hammock" is used here generically to refer to items that are sold individually and collectively under various registered trade mark names in several countries including "Blissful Baby Hammock", "Mobile Baby Hammock", "Nature's Nest Baby Hammock", "Natures Nest Natural Motion Baby Bed", "Amby Baby Hammock" and variations and combinations of these.

Amby is the Registered Trade Mark in the UK of the Amby Air Baby Hammock (Registration no. 2343210) under Class 22 for hammocks, baby hammocks and infant hammocks. Natures Nest is also Trademarked in the UK under Registration no. 3015258.

As the owner of the patents and design registrations we will continue to vigorously prosecute any infringement of these patents and/or infringements of the registered designs in any country or territory where they may occur whether they are deliberate or unintentional.

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