5 Sleeping Aids For Newborn Babies

Getting newborn babies into a healthy, regular sleeping patterns can be one of the toughest challenges for new parents...

5 sleeping ais for newborn babies

Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks and tips which parents can try to help enable their child to settle down and sleep well, and most find it is a case of trial and error to discover what works best for them.

As well as providing a safe, natural, and comfortable sleeping environment such as the Amby Baby hammock for your child, there are a number of aids which work well when it comes to getting your baby to drift off.

Here are 5 great sleeping aids for newborn babies:

1. A soft-light night light

Having a nightlight by your baby’s hammock or cot means that when they wake during the night you can use this, instead of a brighter overhead light if you need some light to find your way through their room to comfort, feed and/or change your baby.

This will be much less disruptive for both you and your child. A night light which emits a soft orange or red glow will work best, as this will not overstimulate the brain, keeping your baby in a sleepy state.

A good quality nightlight will last years and can be a huge comfort to your child when they get a little older too.

Serenity Star: £64.95 – JohnLewis.com

This gorgeous nightlight is perfect for newborn babies. Not only does the soft light create a soothing and comforting ambience, the Serenity Star also tells you the temperature of the room and doubles up as a clock and feeding diary too!

2. A white noise machine

White noise machines have proven to be extremely useful to some parents in helping their child fall asleep. A white noise machine emits a quiet but constant noise - like the sound of rushing air.

This helps children to relax and fall asleep and blocks out any other little noises which may alert them and keep them from nodding off.

Ewan the Dream Sheep: £29.99 - Sweetdreamers.co.uk

This nightlight / white noise combo comes highly recommended by mothers all over the country. As it mimics the noises a child hears from inside the room it is the perfect accompaniment to the Amby Baby Hammock which mimics the environment of the womb helping your child feel safe and secure.

3. A warm and cosy blanket and sleep positioner

A super soft blanket will comfort and soothe your child. Creating a peaceful and cosy sleeping environment will help your child relax and realise it is time for sleep.

To support babies while sleeping, we offer a cosy baby sleep positioner to help babies positioned safely on their back while they are sleeping.

Gro-Swaddle Blanket: £12.50 - Gro-store.com

This soft, secure blanket is perfect for helping newborns feel safe and comfortable so they can fall fast asleep.

4. Soft music

Soft music is another great sleeping aid for newborn babies. Playing gentle music such as lullabies, sounds of nature such as rain or waves, or relaxing melodies can be a comfort to newborn babies and help them to settle and fall asleep.

5. A mobile

Mobiles can be useful for babies as they provide mental stimulation which keeps them distracted and quiet for longer. The gentle rotating movement can also help them to drift off. The key to having a mobile is ensuring that it is placed away from the baby's face, and that is it high enough up so it is completely out of reach.

A sleeping environment such as the Amby Baby Hammock will start to sway gently with your child’s movement and lull them gently and easily into a deep and restful sleep.

Sleeping independently is a great habit to get into and means parents no longer have to try and soothe a child to sleep in their arms.

Tiny Love Soothe and Groove Mobile: £49.99 - mothercare.com

This handy little device has 18 different tunes to choose from which help lull your baby to sleep. Combined with a gentle overhead light this is a handy sleeping aid for your baby.

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