My Baby Won’t Sleep in a Cot...

Here are 5 reasons you should try a baby hammock!

Many parents naturally assume they should buy a cot for their newborn baby. However, without exploring the different options they cannot be sure that they are making the best choice.

It can be frustrating as a new parents to have spent time and money choosing what you hope to be the perfect bed for your child, only to find that they simply won’t settle in it. If you child doesn’t feel happy in their sleeping environment they are bound to let you know about it.

Even if you have already bought a cot for your child, if they won’t settle in it it may be a good idea to try a baby hammock instead. The benefits of both you and your child of getting a good night’s sleep far outweigh any time of expense of switching their cot for a baby hammock, and here are 5 reasons why your should.

why you should use a baby hammock over a cot for your newborn baby

The baby hammock promotes longer sleep duration

The baby hammock provides a warm, peaceful, swaddled environment that will comfort and soothe your child. The cocooning sensation your child feels when in the hammock is reminiscent of the mother’s womb, and therefore hugely comforting to a newborn baby yearning for that same secure space where they felt protected.

The gentle rocking motion of the hammock also helps restless sleepers gently rock themselves back to sleep, so even if they do wake up at night, they often settle themselves rather than relying on you to do it for them.

The baby hammock provides a safe and secure environment for your child to sleep in

The baby hammock has been successfully tested against both European and Australian safety standards. The shape of the hammock supports your child and moves with them. There are no sharp edges or corners and the high sides of the hammock prevent your child from rolling over onto their tummies when they are sleeping.

The baby hammock is flexible

The baby hammock is easily moved from room to room in your home which means your baby can fall asleep in the same, tranquil environment wherever you are.

You can also simply dismantle and pack away the baby hammock into its handy carry bag, which means you can take it with you away on trips - and your child can sleep in the same familiar environment even if you are away.

The baby hammock helps alleviate colic and infant reflux

Colic and infant reflux are common in young babes and can cause then a lot of pain and discomfort, which can make it tough for them to get to sleep. Where a harder, flat cot cannot prevent stomach acid from rising, the Amby baby hammock can be adjusted so your child sleeps at a slight upward angle, thus keeping stomach acid where it belongs.

The baby hammock can help restless sleepers

Because the baby hammock is easily transported you can have your baby sleep right next to you without them being in the bed. This means it is easy to get your your baby if they wake up during the night, and even quietly soothe them or gently rock the hammock without having to get up, or having to take your child out of the hammock.

A cot can feel like a foreign and lonely place for your child to sleep in, if they are having trouble sleeping in a cot, why not give the Amby baby hammock a try and see if it can soothe your child and help them to have a more restful and longer night’s sleep?

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