Does Music Help your Baby Sleep?

Here are 5 of the Best Spotify baby sleeping playlists to get your baby to sleep through the night...

best spotify playlists to get your baby to sleep to

Helping your child get a good night’s sleep is so important. Right from the first day trying to establish a good sleep pattern and give your child as much rest as possible will help them develop and grow, and give new parents as much rest as possible too!

There are many things you can do to make your child feel safe, secure and comfortable, and give them the best possible sleeping environment to help them drift off. Of course, every child is different and often it can be a case of trial and error to see what works best for your and your baby.

5 Spotify Playlists to Help Your Baby Get to Sleep:

If you are having trouble getting your child to sleep then why not try plying soothing music to see if it can help? Here are 5 Spotify playlists specifically designed to play to babies at bedtime.

Why does music help your baby to sleep?

Common reasons include your child being hungry, over tired, uncomfortable or anxious in their sleeping environment. They also may have infant reflux or colic which can cause babies significant pain and discomfort meaning they can have great difficulty sleeping.

One trick that has been well-established is playing soothing music to help calm your baby and lull them into a restful sleep.

Lullabies have been around for centuries, and are used to comfort babies - from newborns right through until they are much older. Parents even swear by playing music when their child is still in the womb to soothe and settle them before they are even introduced to the world.

Music is very powerful, just think of the effect playing different types of music can have on you...

Selecting calm, soft music to play for your child can have a profound effect on them, and it can also help you feel more peaceful and rested too. Playing the same specific songs as part of your newborn's bedtime routine can help them associate those sounds with getting ready to sleep.

Finding songs or lullabies with slow, soft tempos, and keeping the sound low and the room darkened will all help signal to your child that it is bedtime.

You can even softly sing to your baby if you prefer - your child will love the comforting sound of your voice and as long as you sing softly and quietly you don’t have to worry if you aren’t the best singer in the world!

Naturally melodic, simple tunes will work best, so if you are a heavy metal or rap fan it might be best to avoid playing those songs, and wait to share your passion for these genres until your child is a little older! Much of the research around babies and music has shown that harmonic music with a gentle beat and melody work best.

Many people believe that playing music to your child helps them with their cognitive development, and can increase their aptitude for subjects such as maths when they are older too. Some research has also shown that playing soothing music can help children in pain by slowing their heart rate and helping them to focus on something other than the discomfort they are feeling.

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